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PML-Plasma markup language

Plasma markup language is used to create templates for word processors such as Microsoft Word which enables the *.doc/*.docx content to be exported as a pml file. This can be read directly by the Plasmacore database and all information and data transferred into a readily accessible format.

This brings significant benefits for funding oganization portfolio administration by:
  • transferring submissions of project proposals from their word processor formats into the Plasma database
  • subsequent updates, data distribution and oversight from any global location is facilitated
  • elimination of the need to transfer whole word processor files and to store them
  • reduction in required transmission bandwidths and storage capacity demand by a factor of at least 20 (bandwidth data transmission and storage are around 5% of document-based systems)
  • a significant impact on annual operational costs for funding organization portfolio administration
  • elimination of bottle-necks in processing document-based information in assessments, reporting etc
Below is an example of an MS Word pml template.

Below is an example of a read from a Plasmacore database that contains the data transferred from the word document.

The first implementation of pml was in the Navatec system for transferring information from word processor-based project information documents.


The Plasma database has a specific interface for spreadsheets such as Excel allowing the transfer of all content to the Plasma database so that spreadsheet and word processor documentation can be stored in the same database bringing significant data management advantages in terms of speed of access, lower operational costs (storage and bandwidth) and convenience.

Hector McNeill

August 2018