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Notifications on Navatec System - a continual evolution.

ECMA JavaScript standard 262

ISO/IEC Standard 16262
ISO Process approach

Design methods compliant with OSQI:1(2017)

We successfully launched Navatec System at the end of January 2018. See the website at: Navatec System. Our first partner is the STRIDES Foundation - see announcement at: Agricultural Innovation Org

The most exciting feedback relates to the particular importance of Plasma System's ability to handle accumulogs (cumulative memories or transactional logs) which today are more commonly referred to as blockchains.

Fortunately we have been at the forefront of this technology since 1986 through our dedicated research and applications development unit. As a result we see the current phase to of Plasma System as advancing our integration of different accumulog applications.

We will announce new applications, as we roll them out, here.

Our current development priorities are to:
  1. enhance Accumulog functions/accessibility within in the Navatec System.
  2. consolidate our applied research on the Plasma Operating System to enhance Navatec System's cloud operations

The Plasma Operating System is a matured technology configured to provide a secure layer for utility scripts (server side apps) that enables direct access to Plasmacores and Accumulogs across a range of functions from data input, maintenance, real time audit and others.

Hector McNeill

February 2018